Read & React: The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin – Chapter 3

This is the fourth blog installment of Read & React for The Fifth Season. If you’re new to the series check out the first installment here. Eventually I hope to take my notes from this and transform them into a Spoiler Free Review, but this segment will definitely be filled with spoilers since it is my thoughts as I go through the book. Reader be warned, this post is meant for discussion purposes; avert your eyes now if you wish to avoid spoilers.

3: you’re on your way

We’re back to second person – looking at the story through Essun’s eyes, but I having a feeling she’s about to get a name change. Sessapinae are coming (whatever those are), they sound scary for orogenes. In any case, Essun packs the runny-bag (something similar to what I would call a go-bag) and devises a way to get out of town, find Jija, and recover Nassun. She goes to Rask to ask where Jija went on her way out of town and learns that Rask’s sister was a “rogga” (not sure if this term only refers to orogenes or includes other bad people?) too.

Rask escorts Essun to the edge of town and has the guards open up the gates, but one of them tries to shoot Essun with an arrow. This triggers her to think all of the people in the town are responsible for Uche’s death and she uses her orogene powers to create an earthquake and create a fissure near the town that will empty the town’s aquifers. (Well that explains why you definitely don’t want to make an orogene angry!) After a mention of a deep-voiced conscience from her past and seeing a man run out of his collapsing house with his child, Essun breaks out of her rage and realizes that she has caused many deaths through both freezing and structure collapse. (Perhaps this voice is that of the Guardian mentioned in Chapter 2?)

Important Places:
nothing new – we’re back in Tirimo which is south of Yumenes

Important Things:
Sessapinae – I don’t think this has been specifically defined yet? Maybe something about people who are orogenes?

Important People:
Oyamar – Rask’s second in command

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