Read & React: The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin – Chapter 23

This is the twenty-fourth blog installment of Read & React for The Fifth Season. If you’re new to the series check out the first installment here. Eventually I hope to take my notes from this and transform them into a Spoiler Free Review, but this segment will definitely be filled with spoilers since it is my thoughts as I go through the book. Reader be warned, this post is meant for discussion purposes; avert your eyes now if you wish to avoid spoilers.

23: you’re all you need

(OOOWEEE it’s the last chapter! Hold up, why is this chapter so short?) We meet with Alabaster but now he’s part stone and it looks like his stone eater has been nomming on him for a while. He doesn’t want to to fix the rend and end the Season he’s started (oh yeah my guess did turn out to be right this time at least), he wants to make everything worse and somehow use the obelisks to get the moon back. (AND THAT’S WHERE THE BOOK ENDS! Well, kind of. There is an appendix and a glossary which is nice.)

Important Places:
nothing new here

Important Things:
nothing new here

Important People:
nothing new here either

Personal Point of Interest

I am both happy and sad that I didn’t read these books when they were coming out. I’ve never experienced such engaging storytelling to convey the life of one character in such disparate ways and it works INCREDIBLY well. I wish I hard read them as they were being released so I could reread them with each new release, but at the same time I’m really glad the whole trilogy is out because I would have been incredibly frustrated to be left on that cliff hangar for an extended period of time. Now I’m on to the next one and I’m not sure if I’ll blog it or not. Blogging it has been really fun since it’s made me pay closer attention and actually remember some character names – whereas I typically speedread because I’m impatient and want to know what happens next. This blogging process slows down my reading speed immensely, but it’s been fun to write about it (inserts shrug here).

To my readers, what have you thought of this series? Please let me know in the comments.

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