My Meditation Journey | Episode 10

I’m starting this blog series in an attempt to find my way to “chill” because yo gorl has almost no chill – only now instead of that being a personality trait it’s causing hormonal fluctuations that my body doesn’t know how to process anymore which then leads to me passing out … which is no bueno. I consider myself agnostic because I’m not sure there is/are a god/s, but I’m not going to tell you they can’t possibly exist either. I do however enjoy the idea of trying out different forms of meditation to see if any of them will work for me, which brings me to my latest adventure – using tarot cards as a point of focus for meditation. Let’s see what cards I pull today, shall we?

Today I’m just pulling a single card without asking anything again. I’m having a rather high pain day which also means the brain fog is very much here. It’s hard to concentrate when several body parts are ever so slightly subluxed all at once.

The Fool – Inverted


In readings the Fool speaks to us of courage and optimism, urging faith in ourselves and in life. At difficult times, when we come under pressure from people around us to be practical, the Fool reminds us that our own inner selves can best tell us what to do. The Fool can often symbolize beginnings, courageously leaping off into some new phase of life, particularly when that leap is taken from some deep feeling rather than careful planning. … In general, a reversed card indicates that the qualities of that card have become blocked, distorted or channelled in another direction. For the Fool a reversal means first of all a failure to follow your instincts. It can mean not taking a chance at some crucial time, because of fear or depending too much on plans and the practical advice of others.

– Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom, p.28-29

In this deck, the Fool features two forms of familiars — a bird in a cage being toppled off the precipice of what is presumably a table by a cat. The only times I can think of recently when I haven’t followed my instincts is related to my eating habits. There have been times when according to my food log I should be eating more so I go get something even though I’m not necessarily hungry at the time. Please keep in mind also that I’m keeping an eye on these things because my bloodwork this year is rather atrocious and I NEED to make some changes because my body does not tolerate the recommended accompanying medication. Aside from eating habits, I’ve also been playing around with movement happens to see if my weird, painful body will allow me to move more. At the moment I’m in the middle of a week of aiming for 10k steps per day just to see how that feels.

I’m going to view this more as a refresher to really stay in tune with how I’m physically feeling since I know I have created blocks for that in the past which I am actively still working on trying to repair. Maybe I don’t always need to pay attention to eating more food because a logging tool recommends it — that I should wait until I actually have a hunger cue, but also not so late that I’m ravenous and likely to overeat. On Friday I’ll be able to make my final call on how I feel about doing 10k steps per day, but I already have an inclination of the changes I’ll make moving forward. Stay tuned for more on that one.

This card was pulled from the The Ink Witch Tarot Deck by Eric Maille which I used in conjunction with Rachel Pollack’s 40th Anniversary Edition of Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom.

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