My Meditation Journey | Episode 34

I’m starting this blog series in an attempt to find my way to “chill” because yo gorl has almost no chill – only now instead of that being a personality trait it’s causing hormonal fluctuations that my body doesn’t know how to process anymore which then leads to me passing out … which is no bueno. I consider myself agnostic because I’m not sure there is/are a god/s, but I’m not going to tell you they can’t possibly exist either. I do however enjoy the idea of trying out different forms of meditation to see if any of them will work for me, which brings me to my latest adventure – using tarot cards as a point of focus for meditation. Let’s see what cards I pull today, shall we?

I think my recent change in medication might actually be having something to do with my mental health, because I’m not completely apathetic today either.

Seven – The Snake

Hidden Information

Well I just got off the phone with the hospital trying to figure out if my insurance has approved an up to 7 day inpatient procedure for neural testing, and I’m waiting for them to call me back with some answers. To say this estimated cost of billing and insurance processing is secretive is beyond being “on the nose”. I hate not having universal health care. It’s a nightmare trying to navigate the United States health insurance market while being disabled with a neural defect. Did I mention that my doctor told me I needed to hire a lawyer in order to access the disability benefits I deserve? Also I’m poor so being able to afford a lawyer in order to get the financial and mental assistance I need is next to impossible to do in a remotely timely manner. I have to try to apply for SSI, wait for months to find out I failed because I don’t know how to file for it properly because I have a literal brain defect, and then I *MIGHT* get access to a law firm who does this stuff for very little cost to possibly for free. I am beyond frustrated. Also I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find out a different hospital system is committing insurance fraud – because when my partner called and asked questions they magically made some charges go *poof* and proceeded to tell us they just don’t charge for small claims … even though they’ve sent me a bill for much less before which I have paid for. The moral of this story is don’t trust anything in the American health care system.

This card was pulled from Eric Maille’s The Paper Oracle Deck with Guide Booklet.

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