Femathon Weeks 3-4 | 2021 Edition

I kinda ran out of energy towards the end of the month … so here’s to publishing this blog post a bit late? lol whoops Book 18 was The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab. I seem to be the only person with mixed thoughts on this one, because I neither loved norContinue reading “Femathon Weeks 3-4 | 2021 Edition”

Femathon Week 2 | 2021 Edition

I’m having one of those moments where I feel like I haven’t read anything this week and now that I’m going back to actually write about it I’m realizing that I did… On to the 10th book – When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole. I have very mixed feelings about this one. IfContinue reading “Femathon Week 2 | 2021 Edition”

Femathon Week 1 | 2021 Edition

Well, 1-7 March 2021 has certainly been a wild ride. My doctors started me on a new medication to raise my blood pressure because they think I may have vasovagal syncope. I told them I’m pretty darn sensitive to medication and to please start me off on a low dose … the 4th pill gaveContinue reading “Femathon Week 1 | 2021 Edition”

Femathon Disability/Neurodiversity Recommendations

Check out these disability/neurodiversity book recommendations for Femathon!

Femathon BIPOC Rep Recommendations

Check out these BIPOC Rep recommendations for Femathon!

Femathon Fem Positive Book Recommendations

Check out these fem positive book recommendations for Femathon!

Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Spice Bread

INGREDIENTS:1 3/4 Cups All-Purpose Flour, fluffed then spooned into the measuring cups2 Teaspoons Baking Powder1/4 Teaspoon Baking Soda1/4 Teaspoon Salt, fine ground (like kosher, if sea salt run it through a spice/coffee mill)1 1/4 Teaspoons Vietnamese Cinnamon, finely ground1/4 Teaspoon Cardamom, finely ground1/4 Teaspoon Clove, finely ground1/4 Teaspoon Allspice, finely ground1/3 Cup Shortening2/3 Cup Sugar2Continue reading “Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Spice Bread”

My Autumn Essentials Readathon TBR | Video Edition

If you’ve already read these 3 other blog posts, you probably won’t be interested to see it in video format? But, just in case you are — here’s the video! My Team Pumpkin Spice TBR My Team Cozy Sweater TBR My Team Boxed Wine TBR