My Meditation Journey | Episode 11

I’m starting this blog series in an attempt to find my way to “chill” because yo gorl has almost no chill – only now instead of that being a personality trait it’s causing hormonal fluctuations that my body doesn’t know how to process anymore which then leads to me passing out … which is no bueno. I consider myself agnostic because I’m not sure there is/are a god/s, but I’m not going to tell you they can’t possibly exist either. I do however enjoy the idea of trying out different forms of meditation to see if any of them will work for me, which brings me to my latest adventure – using tarot cards as a point of focus for meditation. Let’s see what cards I pull today, shall we?

Today I’m just pulling a single card without asking anything again. My mental health today just really isn’t great. I’m having a very blah, tired day where I can barely get motivated to tend to basic hygiene — like after this I need to go brush my teeth and hair even though I’ve already been awake for 4 hours (these are normally tasks I do within the first 30 minutes). Ugh.

Seven of Air

Personal Dogma

Ok this is kind of funny to me. Yesterday I was talking with my best friend about how I’ve been working on deprogramming unhealthy habits I learn in childhood so that I can break out of all-or-nothing thinking, try to see multiple different ways of accomplishing the same task, and work on the power of thought. We were talking about how some of the traditional witchcraft books talk so literally about the power of Will and Magic. I was a bit confused since, as I’m agnostic, I wasn’t really feeling a connection with the words talking about literal magic. However, what my friend pointed out was that we don’t need the magic to actually be real so much as it is a thought exercise – and if it’s real in the imagination then that’s real enough. It’s really all about centering thoughts and intentions, and if imagination helps with that then that’s all that really matters. Just because it’s make-believe doesn’t mean it can’t be real or have real impacts.

All forms of belief can lead to peace and a healthy sense of wellbeing or to extreme and fundamentalist behavior. All paths can be born of independent knowledge and understanding, indoctrination, or a mix of both. Each choice, even the choice not to believe in the Divine, requires that you believe in something, even if that something is that a belief in anything other than our physical reality is a symptom of a deranged mind.

– Dreams of Gaia, p. 205

The main point of the seven of air is a reminder to look at our beliefs and asses if they’re making us a better person or just making us closed off. I think this meditation series is going pretty great. And judging by how my conversation went yesterday I may have a tendency to be close minded, but I’m still asking questions and seeking others’ insights on things I feel blocked with — and that makes me pretty happy. It means I still see room to grow, which is a core tenant I hope I believe in until death.

This card was pulled from Ravynne Phelan’s Dreams of Gaia Tarot set which comes with its own guide book since it’s a bit of a cross between a standard and oracle deck.

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